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Nomination Form for Convention 2022

Diocesan Leadership Roles

These positions of leadership will be elected within Neighborhoods or at Diocesan Convention, as noted below. As we seek to develop broad and diverse leadership from across the Diocese of Indianapolis, please consider people you know from your own parish or neighborhood or beyond who you believe may have the gifts to serve well in one of these roles – or pray about whether you might be called to serve in this way. When people agree to serve, please nominate them or invite them to nominate themselves. Contact Kim Christopher: with any questions about the process for nomination at the diocesan level.

Neighborhood Conveners: Each Neighborhood will elect two Conveners – one lay leader, one clergy leader. Neighborhood Conveners commit to: securing dates and locations for two Neighborhood gatherings per year, coordinating with Bishop’s Staff and Executive Council on necessary information to share at those gatherings, communicating with members in the Neighborhoods, and convening the gatherings. The Conveners of all of the neighborhoods will form the Nominating Committee of Diocesan Convention. 

Executive Council: These positions are elected within the neighborhoods and confirmed by Diocesan Convention; please contact your neighborhood conveners to nominate candidates. Members of Executive Council carry out the mandates of Diocesan Convention. In partnership with the Bishop, the Council has responsibility for the administrative and programmatic life of the Diocese. Their ministry of leadership includes the alignment of budget and governance with our mission, with bold witness and radical welcome, all grounded in the love of Christ. Some of the work is done by Zoom and email, and sub-committees may be appointed as necessary. The Council meets at least quarterly, with an annual leadership retreat in December.

Standing Committee: The Standing Committee consists of 6 members: 3 clergy, 3 lay, with responsibilities detailed by the canons of the Episcopal Church. The Standing Committee serves as a council of advice to the Bishop. Members of the Standing Committee provide consent to the ordination of deacons and priests in the Diocese, and for the consecration of bishops in the Episcopal Church. Their consent is required for churches in the Diocese to encumber property or to sell land. When necessary, they make determinations with regard to the discipline of diocesan clergy. The Standing Committee meets once a month, depending on the business they have to conduct.

Commission on Ministry: Members of the Commission on Ministry support the Bishop in determining the current and future needs of ministries in the Diocese. Members advise the Bishop in discernment with those who perceive a call to ordained ministry, and in the guidance of all Postulants and Candidates for ordination. Members of the commission serve as individual liaisons to postulants and candidates throughout their process. The Commission gathers at least twice a year for Saturday meetings and additionally as necessary. Commission members also take part in discernment retreats in the fall and in the spring with people who are exploring a call to ordained ministry.

Waycross Board of Directors: The Waycross Board of Directors ensures that Waycross lives into its mission to serve all who seek fellowship, respite, reflection and growth by providing Christian hospitality and enriching programs. The Board meets at Waycross at least four times a year for a full day. Members of the Board commit to other responsibilities as well, including development.

Disciplinary Board: Members of the Disciplinary Board meet once per year, by canon, or as necessarily activated. The annual meeting mandated by canon is for the purpose of election of positions and for training, so if the Board is called upon it will be prepared to act. If the Board is activated, the time commitment could be significant.

General Convention Deputy: Clergy and lay deputies and alternates will be elected for the 2024 General Convention to be held in Louisville, KY - dates tbd, most likely early-mid July. In addition to attending convention and voting on matters that come before it, deputies are responsible for being familiar with the reports of standing committees and interim bodies (commonly known as the "Blue Book"), and, if appointed, serving on legislative committees, which are responsible for receiving legislation, hearing testimony, and refining legislation before moving it to the convention floor. It is probable that much of the activity of the legislative committees will occur online, well in advance of convention itself. Deputies are also responsible for informing the diocese of actions of convention that impact it.

The Bishop also has the power to appoint members of several leadership bodies, including Executive Council, Investment & Finance Committee, Budget Formation Committee, Personnel Policy and Compensation Committee, and Mission Strategy Committee. If you wish to be considered for appointment to one or more of these bodies, please use this form to indicated your interest.

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Neighborhood Conveners
1 Year Term Nomination
Executive Council
3 year term unless otherwise noted. Terms are staggered by neighborhood so not every neighborhood elects every year. Laypeople may fill clergy seats if no clergy are willing or able to serve.
Standing Committee
3 year term unless otherwise noted
Commission on Ministry
3 year term unless otherwise noted.
Waycross Board
3 year term unless otherwise noted.
Disciplinary Board
3 year term unless otherwise noted
General Convention Deputy
Deputies serve until the next slate of deputies is elected, generally 3 years.
General Convention Deputy Options
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